Sexual Journal – How it Can Benefit You in Sexual Enhancement |

A sexual journal can be a gateway to greater sexuality. Growth and enhancement in sexuality is fun and putting your thoughts down on paper can benefit both personal growth and sexuality.But is there really any point to going to all that trouble of writing down sexual thoughts? What is the benefit to us? Sexual journaling can be a healthy part of our lives.Keeping a sexual enhancement journal helps to keep track of your sexual growth. For example inhibitions once written down seem to be somewhat less painful. It is a purging of the soul. A release of inner tension. And the more tension comes out on paper the less likely that tension is to be let loose on our loved ones and colleagues. It has a practicality in its method.Emotional healing is a great benefit of keeping a journal. Writing down your thoughts on paper can release negative emotions. Keeping negative feelings inside of yourself can make you sick in the long run. Releasing them can help heal yourself. Your lover can only take so much negative emotion before the pulling away starts to happen.You can note down your sexual achievements. One way to get good at sex is to do more of it. To experience shared sexuality with someone you are fond of is a gift. If you give more, you receive more. Your journal can be a part of this. If you are on some kind of sexual enhancement program you can record that as well.Use a journal to get in touch with your body . The more in touch you become with your body the more sexually enhanced you can become. This is because you let your real feelings come to the front. Good lovers have a keen sense of touch which enhances their sexuality. Being in touch with your inner feelings and a sense of touch go together.A greater awareness about sex in general will benefit anyone’s sex life. The more awareness you have about sex the more you can enjoy it. The other thing is when you know more you can do more. The benefits of keeping a sexual journal are several. One reason is enough to enhance your sexual journey.